Platform for building technology management - The City of Seinäjoki and Talotohtori

Julkaistu: 01.06.2020

New guidelines have been made for the premises of the Urban Environment Division of the City of Jyväskylä. These guidelines include the utilisation of modern technologies to improve cost-effectiveness and energy efficiency of the buildings as well as taking care of their indoor air conditions. There is an aim for building automation to unify processes and centralise monitoring to solutions with BACnet technologies. One of the goals is also to modernise monitoring solutions and automation systems as they are starting to age.

In this project we are going to explore how Talotohtori is applicable and connectable with different technologies and interfaces to ensure the suitability of Talotohtori for the city’s needs and also to find the solutions that works the best. The fixed measurements from building automation systems are going to be reinforced with wireless sensors which will send data to Talotohtori. These will monitor that indoor air conditions are as planned and consistent with the utilisation of the premises as well as make reacting to changes efficient. Cost-effectiveness and flexibility are important criteria when evaluating the suitability of the services.


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