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  • NNo vendor lock-in
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Talotohtori 2.0 – Markkinoiden edelläkävijä

Talotohtori platform has variety of features that make it stand out from other control systems and IoT platforms, as well as create a cost-effective and versatile solution for managing and controlling large-scale properties. 

We combine IoT and automation systems seamlessly together, which makes us a cost-efficient and versatile choice. Talotohtori offers a way of utilizing data like no other to benefit user interface creation and services. With API/Rest interfaces, Talotohtori enables an effortless way of creating value with third party services.

Managing building services is also smooth using Talotohtori and adding intelligent controls and services to the already existing construction base is easy. Talotohtori provides features for our customers to build their own user interfaces, dashboards and process diagrams along with other visualisations and device controls.

With almost 10 years of experience in product development and after managing hundreds of clients, we have confidence to place ourselves amongst the pioneers of the industry.


Tutustu palvelumme hyötyihin webinaarien parissa. Käyttäjäkoulutussarja tarjoaa tehokkaan tavan oppia Talotohtorin ominaisuuksista sekä kuulla käyttövinkkejä. Yhteensä jaksoja on 20, ja ne kestävät noin 20 minuuttia.

Yleisesittely: PRO- ja SERVER-lisenssit, alusta, standardi tietomalli, arkkitehtuuri, REST API, palvelukeskus ja Talotohtori Akatemia

Yleisesittely: rajapinnat, käyttöliittymä, navigointi, ohjeet ja tuki, oma profiili

Sisäilman olosuhdepalvelut: olosuhteiden sekä tilojen käyttöasteiden visualisointi ja analysointi / sensorien hallinta

Sisäilman olosuhdepalvelut: olosuhteiden pysyvyys ja sisäilmaindeksi

Talotekniikan etävalvontapalvelut: prosessikaaviot

Talotekniikan etävalvontapalvelut: asetusten muuttaminen, valvomotoiminta, teemat, hälytysäänimerkki ja responsiivisuus

Talotekniikan etävalvontapalvelut: 24/7 valvonta, K2 Turvapalvelut Oy

Älykkäät lämmityksen ohjauspalvelut: lämmitysenergian käytön optimointi

Älykkäät lämmityksen ohjauspalvelut: kaukolämmön huipputehon optimointi

Kulutusseurantapalvelut: kulutuksen seuranta ja tuetut rajapinnat/mittarit

Kulutusseurantapalvelut: EnerKey kumppanuus

Hälytysjärjestelmä: hälytysten käyttöönotto ja konfigurointi

Hälytysjärjestelmä: aktiivisten hälytysten käsittely ja seuranta sekä hälytyshistoria

Huoltokirja- ja käyttöpäiväkirjamerkinnät

Kojetaulut: tyypit, suunnitteluperiaatteet, luonti

Analytiikat: data-analytiikan tasot ja hyödyt, analytiikkaesimerkkejä

Mobiilisovellukset: ammattilaissovellus Perspective ja kuluttajasovellus

Raportointi: raporttipohjan luonti ja raporttien ajaminen

Hallintapaneeli: kohteiden, yritysten ja kohde-/palveluryhmien hallinta

Hallintapaneeli: käyttäjäprofiilien ja käyttäjien hallinta


Benefits of Talotohtori

Standardised data models

The scattered data created by building automation and IoT sensors is ready for use in a standardised way with Talotohtori. This makes developing new services and user interfaces cost-efficient and fast.

Standardised technical interfaces


Widely used API/Rest interfaces between different platforms and cloud services enable third parties to develop services that work with Talotohtori. This allows our customer to use any service provider they prefer.

Easy connectivity

Building automation, heat pumps, IoT sensors and other building technologies are easily and cost-efficiently connected and controlled by Talotohtori with no vendor lock-in.

Flexible software licenses

Talotohtori has two software licenses. PRO license connects your buildings to our Talotohtori cloud service thus the service fee is charged per building. With SERVER license the customer will be built their own Talotohtori platform where connecting buildings is unlimited within the limits of the server.

Secure connetions 

Talotohtori offers secure connections for connecting building automation systems to the platform. These connections can be either nationwide APN connections or IPSec/VPN connections if the property is already connected to a cloud service.


Talotohtori has a modular configuration which enables it to scale from one property and couple of hundred measuring points to hundred of properties and hundreds of thousands of measuring points.


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PRO or SERVER Solution?

Talotohtori has two software licenses.

PRO license connects your buildings to our Talotohtori cloud service thus the service fee is charged per building. The service fee consists of the Talotohtori platform as well as the chosen services. PRO is best fit for customers with one to ten buildings.

SERVER license means that the customer will be built their own Talotohtori platform where connecting buildings is unlimited within the limits of the server. When exceeding the limits of one server, the platform can be expanded with new servers. The service fees are tied to the number of the servers rather than buildings to keep the fees reasonable for large-scale properties. Therefore SERVER is best fit for managing large quantities of buildings.

"With Talotohtori indoor air quality services we have finally solved the problems we have had for years - and significant energy savings as a bonus."

Timo Raulamo


GreenUp Group Oy

"We have piloted Talotohtori smart heating control services in our 11 apartment buildings for two heating periods and the results are promising. We have had heating optimisation services in these buildings before and we were surprised that with Talotohtori we could get even over 10 % extra savings. At the same time comfort has remained the same and even improved in some buildings."

Jari Ahonen

Property manager

Tampere Student Housing Foundation

"We have had Talotohtori remote monitoring and indoor air quality services since 2016. With these services we have been able to expand the remote monitoring in our buildings as well as improve the visibility to real indoor air conditions."

Heikki Päätalo

Property manager

The Tampere Lutheran Parishes

Smart services to existing properties

One of the key aspects of the development of Talotohtori has been that the building technologies of already existing buildings are possible to connect and control with Talotohtori regardless of the used vendor brands.

These connections require the kind of knowledge that typical IoT platforms usually do not have any complete solutions. If there are some, they usually allow for intergrations only to the vendors own automation systems.

Another great benefit Talotohtori offers is the standardisation of scattered information and data. There are thousands of different aged automation systems in buildings. Markets are also saturated with new IoT devices. Data management without standard data models would be difficult and expensive. By utilising the standard interfaces Talotohtori provides, adding services and intelligence to buildings is easy.

Talotohtori is based on an industrial level control system

Contrary to the typical IoT platforms, Talotohtori emphasises the importance of connecting and controlling the technologies of already existing buildings in a cost-effective and effortless way. This is why Talotohtori is based on Ignition control system (SCADA) by Inductive Automation . Ignition is one of the most popular industrial control systems and it is used in 100 countries. 

VIDEO: Ignition by Inductive Automation

(The video has subtitles if needed)

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