Smart Controlling for Savings

Customer: The Tampere Student Housing Foundation, TOAS

Talotohtori services have been implemented throughout two heating periods in 11 apartment buildings with 1385 apartments. All of the buildings have had heating optimisation services implemented from another service provider. With Talotohtori the energy efficiency has improved even more. 

Achieved benefits:

1) District heating consumption has decreased by 5,4 %

2) District heating fees have decreased by 19,5 %

3) Less complaints about room temperature 


In TOAS buildings, Talotohtori smart heating includes following features:

  • Demand-side response to even out district heating power peaks
  • Smart heating based on indoor air temperature to keep temperature on the same level
  • Utilising weather forecasts to optimise heating

Ensuring the stability of indoor air quality

When energy saving measures are implemented, it is important to make sure that indoor air conditions stay on the preferred levels. In these buildings, indoor air conditions have been strictly monitored and Talotohtori has kept them as stable as possible. During the first heating period, the average temperature of all buildings have been 21,5 degrees celsius and room temperatures have been very close to the goal values. The range within the indoor temperatures has been under half degree. There has also been less complaints about room temperatures.

Achieved savings

After the first heating period, the district heating consumption achieved 5,4 % in savings on average and the savings on the standard fee were about 19,5 %. In our pilot properties, Talotohtori smart heating has achieved average savings on standard heating fees for about 8,2 %. On average this equals to around 5400 € savings in a year.


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Smart Controlling for Savings

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