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"We have had Talotohtori remote monitoring and indoor air quality services since 2016. With these services we have been able to expand the remote monitoring in our buildings as well as improve the visibility to real indoor air conditions."

Heikki Päätalo

Property manager

The Tampere Lutheran Parishes

”Olemme hyvin tyytyväisiä Talotohtori-palveluun ja ennen kaikkea yhteistyöhön meidän ihmisten välillä.”

Pasi Muurinen

Account Manager

Tampereen Sähkölaitos

"We have piloted Talotohtori smart heating control services in our 11 apartment buildings for two heating periods and the results are promising. We have had heating optimisation services in these buildings before and we were surprised that with Talotohtori we could get even over 10 % extra savings. At the same time comfort has remained the same and even improved in some buildings."

Jari Ahonen

Property manager

Tampere Student Housing Foundation

"With Talotohtori indoor air quality services we have finally solved the problems we have had for years - and significant energy savings as a bonus."

Timo Raulamo


GreenUp Group Oy


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