Improved customer service

Talotohtori helps Taloturva Group to improve their services

Taloturva Group specialises on building technology renovations, monitoring and repairs of detached houses, and uses Talotohtori platform to monitor their customers' building technologies. With SERVER license Taloturva Group has its own branded platform where properties are added independently. Monitoring building technology realtime brings variety of benefits from improved customer service to discovering malfunctions early.

– Earlier we were known as LVIturva. Our corporation used to have for companies which were united as one. We have approximately 2000 renovations in a year. Our personnel consists of 200 persons in Finland and Sweden, says CEO Juhana Kilpeläinen.

Best platform for customers

Before Talotohtori, Taloturva Group had wished for a long time for a service for their customers to monitor building technologies which could inform them if there was a need for maintenance or repair work. The project has been long – the system has been under work for three years. Talotohtori has been with the process for about two years.

– We were looking for a long time for a service provider to help us to manage any kind of system. We could not find anything equal to Talotohtori, Kilpeläinen recalls.

– Our aim was to build a platform which could be connected with any kind of system. Talotohtori has helped us to better our own services. Thanks to them, our customers have the best platform to use and we can provide them with the best service, Kilpeläinen continues. 

Personalised system for large-scale building management

Taloturva Group has the SERVER license. With the license, the company is provided with their own Talotohtori platform where connecting buildings is unlimited within the limits of the server. When exceeding the limits of one server, the platform can be expanded with new servers.nTherefore SERVER is best fit for managing large quantities of buildings. The platform was piloted in the company's own property and from the beginning of 2020 in customer properties.

- SERVER license is branded for us and the interface looks exactly like our system with our logo and everything. In reality, the platform is provided by Talotohtori, Kilpeläinen says. 

– What is great about Talotohtori is that connections with the system are easy. You do not have to be a rocket scientist for it. After all, connections are supposed to be effortless for things to go smooth. Our technician only opens the system when in the property and connects the device to it, according to Kilpeläinen

Realtime monitoring makes preventing problems and fast reacting easy

In the future, Taloturva Group aims to connect all of their customers' systems to Talotohtori. Connections can be made for example with solar panel systems to constantly monitor them. If problems occur, they can be fixed even before the customer noticing. 

– This will improve the quality of our customer service. We know what happens in the properties we manage. We can prevent any problems and act fast when something happens. If there was to be a water damage situation, we could remotely shut down the water and alert our plumbers. All of these can happen before the customer noticing anything. That takes our service to the next level, Kilpeläinen underlines.

– I recommend this to everyone who works with real estate. You can connect all the building data you have to the system and also manage your buildings right. Before, if there was issues in the property, we had to go there. Now we can monitor the properties in real time and it is great, says Kilpeläinen" 


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