Mastering building technology management

Client: The Tampere Lutheran Parishes

Talotohtori remote monitoring and indoor air quality services have been in use since 2016. Services are currently produced for most of the properties. With these services The Tampere Lutheran Parishes have been able to expand the remote monitoring in their buildings as well as improve the visibility to real indoor air conditions. Some of the properties are also used as pilots for smart heating in co-operation with Tampereen Sähkölaitos.

Achieved benefits:

1) Expanding the coverage of remote monitoring

2) Improved visibility to indoor air conditions

3) Increased energy efficiency

Brand independence is important

It has been important for The Tampere Lutheran Parishes that building technology monitoring can be easily and cost-effectively connected to different automation systems with variety of brands. In addition, Talotohtori offers one interface for all building technology to help technical property management, maintenance, control personnel and other groups.

All of the services with one interface

When need for services grow and the number of buildings is large, the need for an uniform interface increases. Managing services should not be about using multiple interfaces and applications side by side. Using variety of platforms also usually prevents the services from communicating with each other. These could lead to contradictory situations with possible increases in energy consumption. One of the classical examples is heating and cooling spaces at the same time.

Talotohtori eliminates these complicated processes and offers a way to manage large numbers of properties and services from one place.

Talotohtori 2.0 brings property management to a whole new level

Published in march 2019, Talotohtori 2.0 is based on platform thinking approach with a whole new software architecture which includes standardised data models and interfaces, one user interface and one user experience for all services. Talotohtori 2.0 also enables connections with third party services.

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