Energy Consumption Monitoring

Control your properties'
energy consumption

  • NDashboards and reports
  • NAutomatic energy saving reports
  • NAutomatic reports of improved indoor air conditions
  • NOptional Enerkey services

Fix Your Energy Monitoring and Reporting

Dynamic dashboards

Dashboards can be customised according to customers needs. User can drag and drop chosen data to the dashboard and save variety of dashboards for different use cases.

Drill down reports

Drill down reports provide a quick way to analyse consumption data. Consumption analysis can be started from the annual level and then drilled down to monthly, daily and hourly levels or even levels by the minute.

Mobile app

Talotohtori Home mobile app is an efficient way for maintenance personnel to input meter data to Talotohtori. The meter can be recognised with a QR code which assures that the data is saved to the right place. 

Automatic analytics

The service analyses continuously possible water leaks and alarms when leaks are detected. In addition Talotohtori highlights these leaks with red colour within the bar charts. 

"With Talotohtori indoor air quality services we have finally solved the problems we have had for years - and significant energy savings as a bonus."

Timo Raulamo


GreenUp Group Oy


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Efficient energy consumption management

Talotohtori energy consumption monitoring includes broad services and tools for efficient energy consumption management and optimisation of properties.

  • Consumption monitoring software for meter data input
  • Mobile app for meter data input
  • Dashboards for consumption data comparisons
  • Energy manager service for analysis and reports
  • Digitalisation services and automatic remote monitoring for energy and water meters
  • Leak sensor services
  • 24/7 technical support and call service 


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