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Optimise Your Indoor Air Conditions

Conditions under constant monitoring

Indoor air conditions are visualised with colors within 2D or 3D models. For example green colour means temperature between 20-22 degrees celsius. These measures are default by public guidelines but they can be changed according to preferences.

Risks under control

Constant monitoring of indoor air conditions allows you to identify risks and react quickly to prevent any issues. For instance significant long-term high pressure and high moisture levels increase the risk of moisture build up in structures which could lead to damage. With Talotohtori you can set alarms to inform you automatically when these kinds of situations occur.

Savings from maintenance fees

Constant monitoring of indoor air conditions decreases the need for maintenance visits at the property. For example when a resident makes a complaint about being cold, the temperature data can be checked from Talotohtori rather than by visiting the apartment. Also checkups by plumbers can be minimised.

Managing with quality

Talotohtori offers a real-time analysing service to measure the stability of the air conditions and also to point out possible abnormalities. Conditions can be analysed over a chosen time period. The stability of indoor air conditions can be modified into KPI measures which will show how many spaces have been on the defined target levels. These KPI measures can be reported automatically from Talotohtori to the building owner or the property manager. This results as a quality building management based on factual information.

"With Talotohtori indoor air quality services we have finally solved the problems we have had for years - and significant energy savings as a bonus."

Timo Raulamo


GreenUp Group Oy

Do you own multiple properties?

Talotohtori is developed especially for managing and remote monitoring large-scale properties. When air quality monitoring is implemented in tens or hundreds of properties, Talotohtori is designed to analyse and report KPI measures over the whole scale of properties. It could not be easier. 

Would you like to have your residents involved?

Talotohtori indoor air quality services can be expanded to involve the residents of your properties. They can download the free Talotohtori Home app which enables them to view the indoor air conditions as well as influence them. Also the app allows users to send feedback to maintenance in terms of the indoor air quality. Talotohtori sends sensor data with the feedback to help with efficient processes.

Maintenance can also use the app to send inquiries to residents. For example if they made changes to air conditions, they could ask if residents have noticed anything and if they are content with their conditions.

Sisäilma – miksi se on ongelma?

Indoor air conditions have been a discussion topic only for few years. It has been a custom to do indoor air quality measuring occasionally and only when it is needed the most. This has led to a situation where conditions are noticed only when people have started to have symptoms or water damage is found.

It is clear that these practises have had an impact on increasing indoor air quality problems in Finland especially with mold in public properties. Certainly these problems are also partially caused by leaking ceilings and walls or incorrectly directed urban runoff.

The properties with damaging long-term indoor air conditions can have extensive water damage in their structures which will lead to expensive repair work or deconstruction in the worst case. This will usually mean millions of euros in costs.

Indoor air conditions can also be harmful to people. During first years after renovation or building a new property, there could be a significant underpressure which could lead to respiratory symptoms. This is caused because underpressure enables poisonous substances from building materials to infiltrate the indoor air.

Ota sisäilmaolosuhteet haltuun – pysyvästi

Talotohtori indoor air quality services will help you to take indoor air conditions under control for good. In practise, the indoor spaces will be monitored with IoT sensors which report to Talotohtori platform around the clock. Typical monitored variables are temperature, moisture levels and CO22-levels, VOC-levels, pressure levels and particulates.

These sensors make indoor air conditions visible from different points of view. Indoor air conditions are typically visualised with colors and trend graphs as well as with 3D models. These visualisations make analysing air conditions quick and efficient.

Next step towards excellent indoor air quality is analysing and measuring the conditions. Talotohtori makes it easy to measure conditions within any time period. Talotohtori also calculates and reports KPI measures which will inform you about the conditions in different spaces.

KPI measures can be linked with alarms to inform you when conditions are abnormal to the target levels. Alarms are automatic and they can be configured to alarm specific actors. This enables you to react in advance before residents or other people using your properties can notice any decrease in air quality.

Some of the features in Talotohtori indoor air quality services:

Indoor air condition visualisation with 2D and 3D models

Unlimited trend graphs and groups

Indoor air quality measuring and visualisation

KPI measures and trends

Encompassing alarm system

Electronic service manual

Contact cards

Encompassing reporting features

User satisfaction measuring

Resident involvement to keep up the good indoor air quality


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