Control your building technologies

  • NBroad and versatile remote monitoring system
  • NUniform interface for all brands
  • NDiverse analysing possibilities
  • NWide support for different automation and heat pump brands

Control Building Technologies in Your Own Terms

Brand independence

Talotohtori is truly independent system regardless of your suppliers or automation brands. Our broad protocol support enables connection to almost all brands.

Erinomainen IoT-alusta

Talotohtori is also an excellent platform for any IoT solutions regardless of the used technologies. You can easily use the most popular IoT technologies in the market such as LoRa, Sigfox and NB-IoT.

Secure connetions

Talotohtori has secure connection solutions for variety of needs. There is no need to invest to any security solutions which will decrease investment and maintenance cost especially with large numbers of buildings.

Modern user interfaces

Talotohtori 2.0 sisältää valvomokäytössä tyypilisen Desktop-käyttöliittymän lisäksi täyden HTML5-tuen omaavan selainpohjaisen käyttöliittymän sekä mobiilituen iPhone- ja Android-puhelimille.

"We have had Talotohtori remote monitoring and indoor air quality services since 2016. With these services we have been able to expand the remote monitoring in our buildings as well as improve the visibility to real indoor air conditions. The brand independence has been an important factor when choosing Talotohtori."

Heikki Päätalo

Property manager, The Tampere Lutheran Parishes

Centralised building technology management

Remote monitoring of building technologies allows centralised and remote controlling of heating, heat pumps, ventilation and other systems regardless of the vendor or automation brands. The service is suitable from one building to large number of buildings.

With excellent scalability Talotohtori remote monitoring creates the greatest benefits with large number of properties. Could you imagine having a uniform user interface with one user experience to control everything? Talotohtori makes it possible.

Based on platform economy, Talotohtori 2.0 provides a flexible way to connect smart controls and other services to buildings. You don't have to play by the vendors' rules anymore since you can manage and control your buildings in your own terms.

24/7 service center

Talotohtori remote monitoring can be linked with a 24/7 service center from our co-operation partner K2 Turvapalvelut Oy. Their service center is approved by Finanssialan Keskusliitto (SFS-EN 50518). They offer a broad variety of monitoring, communication, controlling and reporting services on different service levels. The service center is located in the city of Jyväskylä and works around the clock.

Service level 1

On the service level 1 real estate experts react immediately when they detect abnormalities in the properties. These abnormalities are analysed and following processes are determined by using data from Talotohtori. The alarms from Talotohtori can be caused by building automation devices, heat pumps or other devices and they can be linked with smart deductions, analytics and programming for smarter automatic alarms.

Service level 2

On the service level 2 alarms are analysed with the data from Talotohtori to determine following measures. These measures are done remotely from Talotohtori control center.


Service level 3

Service level 3 includes other two levels as well as ongoing energy efficiency processes. Talotohtori remote monitoring helps to optimise heating, lighting, ventilation and other functions consuming energy to create energy savings. According to previous cases, optimisation will lead to 10-15 % energy savings in a year. The service includes:

  • Building technology monitoring and detection of abnormalities
  • Remote fixing measures and informing maintenance if needed
  • Changing and optimising operating times, setting measures and controls according to building usage
  • Implementing and monitoring technical energy saving procedures and results
  • Monitoring the results and operation of energy investments
  • Unbiased monitoring report to help to monitor energy efficiency and service contractuality


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