Benefits For You

Oletko kiinteistönomistaja, asukas, isännöitsijä tai kenties energiayhtiön edustaja? Tutustu palvelumme tarjoamiin hyötyihin.

  • NExpand your business
  • NOptimise indoor air conditions and energy consumption
  • NUtilise remote monitoring
  • NControl your building technologies
  • NImprove living comfort

Energy company

Expand your business with services and optimise district heating power peaks

Building owner

Optimise indoor air conditions, energy consumption and maintenance costs

Manufacturer / Importer

Utilise our broad remote monitoring service to monitor your devices and their maintenance needs

Maintenance company / Contractor

Utilise our services to monitor devices remotely and to boost your processes

Property manager

Optimise your building technology management


Improved living comfort

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