Benefits for Resident

Improved living comfort

  • NStable indoor temperature and humidity
  • NHealthier indoor air
  • NLower living expences
  • NSmaller carbon foot print

Improved living comfort

Do you feel like the temperature of your apartment changes too much during the winter?

What if the temperature could stay more stable during the whole heating period?

Talotohtori smart heating improves living comfort by keeping indoor air conditions stable.

Smart heating optimises the heating system based on outdoor temperature and weather forecast as well as indoor temperature and humidity.

Healthier indoor air

Talotohtori is used to ensure healthier living spaces.

This is based on constant monitoring of indoor air conditions and quick reacting on abnormalities.

For human health, important variables to measure in addition to temperature and humidity are carbon dioxide levels (CO2), volatile organic compounds (VOC) and particulate matter (PM10 and PM2,5).

When indoor air conditions are constantly monitored, the changes are noticed before people start to have symptoms.

Lower living expences

Talotohtori smart controlling optimises the building's energy consumption and shaves power peaks.

This is how unnecessary heat consumption can be decreased and it can result in almost 10 % savings in heating costs.

Healthier building

Talotohtori ensures a long life cycle for buildings for example by decreasing the risk for moisture damage and mold.

This is based on constant monitoring of indoor air conditions and quick reacting on abnormalities.

Important constantly measured variables for a long life cycle for buildings are temperature, relative humidity and pressure levels. 

When there are abnormalities in the conditions, Talotohtori alarms the maintenance to solve the issues before any damage can occur.


Decreased emissions

Heating properties causes emissions.

Optimised heating consumption equals as smaller carbon foot print.

Optimising energy consumption is one step in the fight against climate change.

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