Benefits for
Energy Company

Expand your business
with services
and optimise district heating power peaks

  • NNew business opportunities with our SERVER solution
  • NHelp property owners to optimise their heating costs
  • NDeepen your customer relations
  • NDistrict heating power peak shaving
  • NBe part of a greener world

Expand your business with new services

Energy industry is at a great turning point and business models are changing in the same way as in media and banking industries.

Change opens up new opportunities for innovations and new ways of doing business.

Talotohtori offers energy companies an excellent and cost-effective opportunity asiakkuussuhdetta to build new kinds of customer relations and to start up a service business of a new generation.

SERVER solution creates profitable business opportunities

Talotohtori SERVER license is an excellent fit for an energy company since it creates a profitable service business model which will benefit all parties.

SERVER license brings significant savings as the business grows.

SERVER license includes an exclusive custom platform for the energy company which will be branded according to the company's brand guidelines.

The company has full access to the platform to manage services and customers.

Quick and easy branding

As the platform is put to use, the offered services are defined and branded to be compatible with the company's other services.

Talotohtori has broad variety of services which can be branded according to the customers needs.

We offer for example district heating power peak shaving services, indoor air quality optimisation and district heating center remote monitoring.

All of these can be executed in minimum of couple of weeks. Starting new service business could not be faster.

Unlimited growth possibilities

In addition to Talotohtori services the energy company can also utilise other service providers in the industry.

Talotohtori platform offers excellent possibilities for this since it has REST API interfaces based on standard data models.

These features could optimise processes also from the service providers' point of view because they do not have to worry about connecting to the buildings. Talotohtori takes care of connections and integrations.

Talotohtori platform on the other hand enables an uniform brand look troughout the services.

Constant development and high standards

The development of Talotohtori platform and services is ongoing and we publish new features approximately 10 times a year.

Our development is highly influenced by our users and we take every idea into consideration.

This leads to fast development with the pace of the needs in the industry.

All of this is possible with our agile development processes and automatic quality control.

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