Benefits for Maintenance Company
/ Contractor

Utilise our services to monitor devices remotely
and to boost
your processes

  • NBroad support for different automation brands and heat pumps
  • NUniform interface for all brands
  • NAll building technologies managed
  • NVersatile analysing and alarm possibilities
  • NAll Talotohtori services for use

One control system - multiple brands

Do you offer contractingor maintenance services for multiple brands?

Talotohtori provides a cost-efficient solution for centralised remote monitoring for all brands.

With Talotohtori you can easily check the state of all of your devices and possible alarms from one dashboard.

This will increase your efficiency merkittävästi. and enables you to treat you customers with better service.

Fast problem solving

When a malfunction occurs, Talotohtori will detect it automatically and send an alarm message to a chosen email or phone number. This allows you to react quickly and solve the issue even before your customers notice.

In a lot of cases solving these issues is possible remotely from Talotohtori management system. This will lead to optimised costs and increased customer satisfaction.

Expand your business with new services

Talotohtori platform and services are a great way to expand your business with offering remote monitoring and smart services for your clients.

With the SERVER license Talotohtori services can be branded to match your own brand.

You will also have full access to the platform to manage different services and customer segments.

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