Benefits for Property Managers

Optimise your
building technology management

  • NManaging user profiles
  • NBroad support for different automation brands and heat pumps
  • NUniform user interface regardless of the used automation or heat pump brands
  • NVersatile analysing and alarm possibilities

Modern and cost-efficient solution for the property management challenges

A growing challenges in property management are the building technology becoming more complex, increasing variety of brands and and managing all of them.

Also keeping costs at bay is not easy when at the same time the energy efficiency of the properties should be improved.

Manufacturers offer their own solutions to solve these issues but it can lead to too binding ties with only one manufacturer's solutions and high costs in the long run.

Talotohtori is a solution that eliminates the vendor lock-in.

Management with high standards but less work

With Talotohtori the property manager will get a centralised and all-round system which makes managing properties and their building technology systems easy and cost-efficient.

Talotohtori includes a control panel which allows the building manager to group the properties and define alarms according to their preferences.

Also the control panels allows the building manager to manage all of their co-operation partners and for example delegate user profile management.

Significant savings

Talotohtori is designed to manage almost every automation system, heat pump, solar panel system, electric car charging system as well as other building technology systems.

Additionally, Talotohtori has a large variety of services which help to optimise energy consumption and indoor air conditions.

Talotohtori has also an easy way to connect third party services to properties.

All of this with one system means significant savings.

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