Benefits for
Building Owner

Optimise indoor air conditions, energy consumption and maintenance costs

  • NStable indoor temperature and humidity
  • NImproved living comfort
  • NOptimising energy consumption
  • NReduced district heating fees
  • NScalability to large number of buildings

Constant indoor air monitoring assures good conditions

Typically building maintenance practises include indoor air condition measuring and monitoring only when needed and occasionally.

Conditions are noticed only when people working or living in the properties start to have symptoms or water damage in structures is found.

Talotohtori-palvelu valvoo sisäilmaa jatkuvasti ja ohjaa lämmitystä siten, että sisälämpötila pysyy tasaisena koko lämmityskauden ajan.

These practises improve living comfort as well as the satisfaction of your residents.

Savings to heating costs

Typically heating devices control heating based on the outdoor temperature. They are unable to process actual indoor temperature data and the building's thermodynamics. Also they usually lack the feature to process weather forecasts.  

This leads to over heating properties which creates excessive fluctuations in indoor temperatures. In addition, different apartments might have substantial differences in temperature because of the imbalance of the heating network. 

Controlling heating based on actual indoor air condition data and weather forecasts will eliminate the need for over heating and excessive energy consumption. Properties are heated only when it is needed.

Talotohtori-palvelulla voidaan saavuttaa jopa 10-20% säästö lämmitysenergian kustannuksiin.


Optimise district heating standard fees

The need for district heating on hourly levels differs greatly depending on the property. For instance consumption of hot water and ventilation have impact on this.

These highest peaks of using district heating usually define the standard fee which is called as contracted water quantity fee.

Talotohtori cuts these momentary peaks automatically which can lead to even 20 % in savings in standard district heating fees.

Quick reactions in problem situations

Talotohtori-alusta pystyy hallitsemaan kiinteistön koko talotekniikan laitevalmistajista riippumatta. Lisäksi Talotohtori-alusta skaalautuu hyvin ja pystyy tarjoamaan keskitetyn valvomoratkaisun isoillekin kiinteistömäärille.

This centralised monitoring system offers excellent tools for experts to notice abnormalities in properties quickly and efficiently.

With Talotohtori maintenance is alarmed in an early stage and malfunctions can be repaired even before residents noticing.

Talotohtori platform provides variety of possibilities

Talotohtori platform has variety of features that make it stand out from other control systems and IoT platforms, aswell as create a cost-effective and versatile solution for managing and controlling large-scale properties.

Talotohtorilla asiakkaamme voivat rakentaa esimerkiksi omia kojetauluja, hallita käyttäjiä ja määrittää hälytyksiä.

Talotohtori is designed especially for remote operative processes, which is efficient and brings savings on maintenance fees.

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