Benefits for Manufacturer / Importer 

Utilise our broad remote monitoring service
to monitor your devices and their maintenance needs

  • NBroad support for different automation brands and heat pumps
  • NUniform interface for all brands
  • NAll building technologies managed
  • NVersatile analysing and alarm possibilities
  • NAll Talotohtori services for use

Enhance technical support processes

Flexible and competent technical support is supposed to find solution to customer's problem already during the first encounter.

However this can be challenging if technical support does not have the possibility to remotely connect to the device and see how the device operates or how the issue shows up.

Talotohtori remote controlling offers efficient tools for technical support to help with problem solving.

Optimise reclamation handling

Manufacturer of importer can use Talotohtori remote controlling to monitor their devices and their functions with the full function history.

This makes efficient reclamation handling easy when data is available for analysis. Talotohtori helps to find out fundamental causes behind malfunctions since they do not necessarily result only from the device malfunctioning but also from the user's actions or being neglected by maintenance.

All of this results in better customer service because handling reclamations is quicker and also unnecessary compensations can be avoided.

Ensure the functionality during your guarantee period

Typical guarantee period with building technology is 2 years, but depending on the market situation, manufacturers and importers can give longer guarantee periods.

During the guarantee period, the manufacturer or importer is responsible for any occuring malfunctions.

Talotohtori remote controlling enables monitoring the devices during the guarantee period and as possible issues occur they can be easily identified and the issues can be solved even before the customer noticing.

Remote monitoring is also possible with your mobile device.

Expand your business with new services

Talotohtori platform and services are a great way to expand your business with offering remote monitoring and smart services for your clients.

With the SERVER license Talotohtori services can be branded to match your own brand.

You will also have full access to the platform to manage different services and customer segments.

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