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Our core values are not just pretty words. They guide our day to day actions. Here is some examples how.


Customer orientation


We are constantly developing new solutions, methods and services as pioneers and trailblazers. We aim to maintain an inspiring work environment and encourage each other to have new experiences and bravely bring out new ideas.

We offer our users an easy way to give feedback and ideas for development of Talotohtori. We aim to fulfill our users' needs with sustainable solutions that serve their needs today but also in the future.

We admit our mistakes and work to solve them. Our development processes are transparent as well as our process of handling user feedback.

Greetings from the owners

Tampereen Sähkölaitos

”Tavoitteemme on tehdä asiakkaidemme asumisolosuhteiden hallinta mahdollisimman helpoksi sekä kustannus- että energiatehokkaaksi.

The services and expertise provided by Enermix are one important piece in achieving this goal.

For an example the heat demand flexibility service for apartment buildings launched in autumn 2018, which has been developed together with Enermix and our customers."

Jussi Laitinen

CEO, Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy


”Uusiutuvien energialähteiden parantunut kilpailukyky ja energian säästöön liittyvät uudet älykkäät energiaratkaisut muokkaavat nyt toimialaa ennakoitua nopeammin.

We ourselves want to be involved in market change as a producer of new intelligent energy solutions. We have been utilizing Enermix's services since 2014."

Juha Koskinen

CEO, Leppäkoski Group Oy

Company's history

The beginning of everything


Enermix is ​​established

Enermix was founded in 2009 with the goal of providing efficient energy saving solutions to building owners. The main focus of the business was on the sale and installation / maintenance of energy-efficient heat pumps. Heat pumps are still a very effective way to significantly reduce heating costs, typically by 30-80% depending on the type of heat pump.

The creation of the service


The creation of Talotohtori services

A year later in 2010, we also wanted to increase the ability to monitor and remotely control the heat pumps we sell to ensure that the heating system is working
as planned and that the customer receives the maximum return on their investment. This service was named Talotohtori. Over the next 5 years, Talotohtori services was developed to support the sale of heat pumps,
installation and maintenance, which were still the company’s core businesses.

During this time, Talotohtori received many new features that made it possible to connect the service not only to heat pumps but also to other building services systems in buildings such as oil burners, district heating equipment, boilers and so on.
Over the years, Talotohtori service has been connected to almost all well-known building technology and heat pump brands available on the Finnish market. This includes major international brands such as Siemens, Schneider Electric, Danfoss, Nibe, Thermia, Vaillant and Viessman, as well as Finnish
brands Ouman, Fidelix, Gebwell, Heat, Jämä and Oilon.

At the core of the business


At the core of the Talotohtori business

By 2015, Talotohtori service had developed into a versatile property management system in which, in addition to remote management, many important issues, such as information security, had been comprehensively taken into account. Talotohtori service had been well received by customers, and a market analysis revealed that there was no similar, all-encompassing service on offer in the market.

For this reason, the company made a strategic decision to focus solely on the service business. In practice, this change took place in August 2016, when Enermix sold its sales, installation and maintenance business for heat pumps.

2015 joulukuussa Pirkanmaalainen pääomasijoittaja Pikespo Invest Oy teki merkittävän pääomasijoituksen Talotohtori-palvelun kasvun vauhdittamiseen.

Internet and information security


Internet of Things and information security

Kun julkinen keskustelu esineiden internetistä (IoT, Internet of Things) ja ”miljoonien laitteiden liittämisestä internetiin” alkoi nostamaan päätään, halusimme varmistaa, että myös nämä laitteet voidaan liittää Talotohtori-palveluun yhtä helposti kuin rakennusautomaatiojärjestelmät, lämpöpumput ja muut laitteet. Teknisesti tämä tarkoittaa sitä, että Talotohtori on yhteensopiva kaikkien maailmanlaajuisten ja tunnettujen IoT-tekniikoiden kanssa, kuten Lora, LoraWAN, Sigfox, NB-IoT, Bluetooth LE, MESH ja EnOcean.

One ongoing and serious concern with the Internet of Things is security issues and cybercrime. If a building automation, heat pump or some IoT device is connected to the open Internet, it immediately poses a security risk, e.g. in the form of denial of service attacks. Such attacks have already taken place in Finland and are expected to increase in the future.

At Enermix, we have taken the threats of cybercrime seriously for years and have invested heavily in minimizing such risks. In 2016, we entered into a partnership with the Finnish telecommunications operator DNA Oyj to ensure that no building automation, heat pump or IoT device is connected to our service via the open Internet. All communications pass through a closed network.

Development of services and added value


Emphasis on developing services and added value 

The possibilities offered by the Internet of Things, combined with traditional house technology, are almost limitless. Property owners are not so much interested in the technologies themselves, but rather want to know what benefits and added value they can achieve in their own business.

During 2017, we have released several new services at Talotohtori platform that utilize IoT technology, algorithms developed for Talotohtori software, and intelligent control of building technology. These services can significantly improve the energy efficiency of an existing property as well as reduce the cost of maintaining the property. At the same time, new types of services are being made possible that are changing the traditional operating models of property management and maintenance. An example of this is a proactive maintenance service, where maintenance can be performed at just the right, appropriate time and yet before the equipment fails.



Ecosystem of Talotohtori

During 2018, we will focus on opening up Talotohtori concept as an ecosystem. This means several things:

  1. Our customers can be part of the service development work by, for example, developing customized user interfaces for their own customers and, if desired, also with their own brand.
  2. Our partners, who can be, for example, automation contractors, can use Talotohtori ecosystem to create new services for their customers.
  3. Polytechnic collaborations, such as engineering students, can use Talotohtori in their studies, providing an easy way to combine IoT devices and building automation and develop a variety of intelligent controls and services.

We believe that opening up Talotohtori ecosystem will significantly increase the amount and quality of services and solutions offered to building owners in the years to come.

New main owners


Energy companies become main owners

In July 2018, the energy companies from Pirkanmaa Tampereen Sähkölaitos Oy and Leppäkosken Sähkö Oy bought a majority stake in Enermix Oy. Read lehdistötiedote.  

Talotohtori 2.0


Talotohtori 2.0 based on platform economy

This year’s most important release is Talotohtori 2.0. With Talotohtori 2.0 concept, you can easily take over automation systems from existing buildings, intelligent cloud services (including third parties), and leverage IoT technologies to deliver services. The result is, for example, good indoor air conditions and energy savings. This has been made possible by a new software architecture based on a platform economy and standardized data models. An essential part of the software architecture is a common operating system that hides the differences in the building services of different buildings, such as automation systems, and provides a standardized interface to the data collected from the property as well as to control the equipment in the buildings.

Explore Talotohtori 2.0 platform.

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